Amount of time it takes to travel from Chachapoyas, Peru to Yurimaguas, Peru.


Chachapoyas to Pedro Ruiz: 1 hour by taxi

Pedro Ruiz to Tarapoto: 8 hours by bus. It can take longer if the road is congested.

Spent night in Tarapoto.

Tarapoto to Yurimaguas: 3 ½ hours by bus.

It can be a pain catching a ride to Pedro Ruiz from Chachapoyas. You can catch a ride in a collectivo van for about 5 Sol. But often the vans don’t have enough passengers and you are just wasting your time sitting around. To take a collectivo taxi to Pedro Ruiz is the better bet and costs about 10 Sol for the 1-hour trip.

A good bus company to travel with is “Movil Tours” in Peru. You might pay a little more, but they offer “semi- camas,” so that you can stretch out a little more. The cheaper bus seats are often cramped and uncomfortable on the long distance rides in Peru.

Plan on adding a couple hours to your journey, because often the buses are running behind schedule. Take some snacks for long trip.

Pedro Ruiz is a small town and you can walk around and check out the other bus companies with ease. But “Movil Tours” is the most reliable bus company in my opinion.