Hiking trail “C” in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.


hiking_vilcabamba1How to get there: Walk behind the bus station and take a left (south). Follow the dirt road until you come to a paved road. Follow the paved road up the hill for about 1km. You will come to a small bridge with a sign that says, “hosteria Izhcayluma.” Look on the other side of sign and follow trail “C” up the dry river bed beneath you (it was dry in July.) About a 4 hour hike to the top and back. Not sure of the loop route.

Cost: Some sweat.

This sign is the trail head. The picture is of the front and back.


This trail has to be one of my best hikes so far in Central and South America. Absolutely gorgeous with that feeling of being removed from society. It took me about an hour to find the beginning of the trail, but once I did it was well worth the effort.


Now supposedly there is a loop route. But I’m not sure which way to go for that. Maybe you can get a map in town with the complete route. Take the unconventional way!


At the top you find a gate. I went through the gate and followed that trail down to another town, which I thought would take me back to Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Talking to an old timer he pointed me back toward the way I had come from. At this point I was completely turned around in my orientation (lost) and proceeded to back track my way out.


Anyways this is a spectacular trail to hike. I would suggest taking some food and plenty of water. It is easy to get turned around up in these mountains and pack some survival supplies if in case you wander off the beaten trail and have to spend the night.


This would be a great place to camp on the top of the mountain and eat the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus. Just don’t walk off the cliff. Very isolated on top and the views are magnificent. You could really explore your mind without the threat of anyone interrupting your trip (pun intended.) Not that I would know.


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