Traveling in Ecuador, South America on 15 dollars per day.


It is very easy to live on 15 dollars per day in Ecuador. Now when you are moving around the transportation expenses will increase your daily expenditures. But when you are stationary you can easily find a place to stay for 6 dollars per night and that is usually in a private room. You might find yourself sharing the bathroom, but if you would like a private bath in your room then you would have to pay about 8 dollars per night.

Sometimes I think it is better not to have a bathroom in your room, because often times the bathrooms can leave an unsightly smell in your room.

If you are one to eat out every meal, then you can plan on basic meals costing about 3 dollars apiece.

So add up your room and food and it comes to 15 dollars a day. Lots of people cook their own meals to cut down on costs. But for me I really can’t beat the price of 3 dollars per meal. Often times when I cook, I believe my expenses increase. Often I can’t eat all the food and it spoils. Or by the time I buy all the little items to make a meal complete, it would have been cheaper just to go out and eat a meal.

If you are a coffee drinker then it is wise just to buy some coffee and make your own. Plus the coffee most often served is instant and if you go into a good coffee shop then a cup will cost you close to 1 dollar.

Laundry is another expense and mostly I wash my own clothing by hand. Washing your own laundry will save you up to 2 to 6 dollars a week.

These basic tips are good in any place you travel, but it is still possible to travel in Ecuador for about 15 dollars per day.