Vilcabamba, Ecuador (The Valley of Longevity)


The “Valley Of Longevity” is what Vilcabamba, Ecuador is known as. Supposedly there is something in the water that leads to an increased life span. I’ve walked around the town and talked to one gentleman that told me he was 98 years old. It looked like he had many years of living before him, so maybe it is true.

Whether you travel to Vilcabamba in search of the “fountain of youth” or just to enjoy the beautiful surrounding, you will not be disappointed.
The people of Vilcabamba are very enthusiastic about life and their town.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself in Vilcabamba. World famous spas are tucked away in the surrounding mountains. You might consider going on a 3 to 5 day jungle horse back expedition or just spoiling yourself with a nice massage for a few hours.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a great place to go on day hikes in the beautiful high mountains that surround the town.
Also, for you day-trippers, you might try and can get your greasy hands on the hallucinogenic “San Pedro Cactus” and part the heavens of your mind. Now I know some of you wash your dirty body from time to time, so don’t get offended.

Even if sitting on a lonely mountaintop with a belly full of San Pedro Cactus is not your idea of a pleasant evening, you can just stare up at the sky and ponder the lucid universe above you without the help of “Mr. San Pedro” or is it “Mrs. San Pedro?”
The town of Vilcabamba is very charming and there are many affordable places to grab some grub or even dine over a candle lit meal with wine in fine stemware (not sure if that is true.) But surely there are some plastic cups that you can use as a substitute.
The hotel selection is pretty good. You have your expensive spas that you can de-stress in and often these spas are quite affordable compared to Europe or the States. Then you have the 6 dollar joints that you will most likely run into me at. Bring your own lock and hope there is some toilet paper to be found. Actually my picks are usually the best of the bunch for below 10 dollar.

Well, I’ll shut up for now.

The bottom line is: come here to Vilcabamba, Ecuador and have fun. Enjoy the good life.

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