Cuenca, Ecuador



Cuenca, Ecuador is a really nice town to unwind and kick back in. Cuenca is Ecuador’s third largest city, but does not feel overwhelmingly large. You can find some good places to eat and plenty of sightseeing places to keep you busy.

Probably what I liked the best about Cuenca, Ecuador is how clean the city is. The river Tomebamba that runs through Cuenca is really clean looking and the riverbanks are mostly free from liter. The city has really done a good job.

Local Artists
Thursday thru Saturday is when Cuenca comes alive at night for those who like to hit the town and have a good time. Usually you can find some sort of cultural event to keep you entertained.
There are plenty of beautiful churches and parks to enjoy. The people of Cuenca are very proud of their beautiful city and are eager to point you in the right directions.


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