Alausi, Ecuador


Alausi, Ecuador is a charming town and worth a visit if you are passing by. Slowly the town is becoming accustomed to the tourist dollars and you will find that the prices can vary in restaurants and hotels. So ask before you order that instant coffee and discover that they are charging gourmet prices. Actually I ran into this often with the street vendors. Seemed “one dollar” was the phrase of the day.


If you happen to take the “devil’s nose train ride” from Riobamba, then this would be an excellent town to come and spend the night after the train ride.

You might want to take a peek at the swimming pool in the town. It’s an indoor pool with a sauna and whirlpool. The price is around $2.50 USD for all-inclusive.
There are some statues to ponder at and just a good town to wander around in.


Do not forget to smell the flowers!


Flowers on old roof.


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