Pacque Nacional Celaque “Cloud Forest” (Gracias, Honduras)

Entrance fee: 50 Lempiras

Plan on 3 days if climbing to the peak.

Parque Celaque is located outside of Gracias, Honduras about 6 km. I arranged a taxi to drop me off at the park entrance. Don’t pay more than 100 Lempira for taxi(solo).  I paid the entrance fee at a little house outside the park before hiking to the visitor center.

I was just out for a day trip. Let me emphasize that these mountains are very dangerous. People die of hypothermia in the high elevations. The weather can change suddenly and its eerie.

Make sure you take plenty of water(3 liters min), food, rain gear, change of dry clothes and matches in waterproof bag. If you get lost in the higher elevations and can’t get warm and dry you will die of hypothermia. The weather can change suddenly and its eerie.

I was at the park in June and the only visitor. No place to buy water and had to walk back to Gracias (1 1/2 hours)


Takes about 1/2 hr to walk to the visitor center.

Path you follow.

Foot bridge.


It gets cold (near freezing) and damp in higher elevations. Its about a 3 hr hike straight up the mountain before you start getting the temperature changes. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of daylight time to get off the mountain if not spending the night. Don’t forget about the walk back to Gracias!


If I had to do it over I would arrange to spend a couple days climbing to the peak. There are two cabins on the very steep climb to stay in. Restaurante Guancascos can arrange your trip for you in Gracias.