Parque Arqueologico (San Agustin)


Location: You can walk, bus or taxi. Just west on the outskirts of San Agustin. The walk is about 25 minutes.









Cost: About $7.50 USD (15,000 pesos)
Parque Arqueologico in San Agustin, Colombia is a good 4 hours walking tour to see everything. You pretty much follow a set path to the stone statues on a nice stone trail. The museum was closed the day I was there due to an electrical problem. They said I could go back the next day, but we had some sunshine (rare occurrence) and the pool and sun seemed like more fun.

Take money if you go to the pool. It is not free and they make a big stink (I forgot my money) about paying before you use the pool.
I guess if you really want to understand the statues then you need to eat the magical mushrooms. Supposedly the inhabitants indulged in the little fungi and got creative. I tried to find some magic mushrooms, but alas I never found any (yet.) So I’m clueless on what the meaning of the statues is. I’m not sure if they ate babies or maybe the baby mushrooms are the best. Let me know what you learn!


Burial grounds.


Very pretty in this area.