San Agustin, Colombia

Even though I’m having trouble finding the elusive “San Isidro” magic mushroom, I must say I really like it in San Agustin, Colombia. The people are very friendly and they have this cool public pool fed by a mountain stream (soon to replaced with a fancy pool.)

The first night of walking through San Agustin I came across this bar where the local cowboys tie up their horse and have a few beers. Now some of “the horses were practically standing in the bar” and “I new that this way my kind of town.” Of course I did not have my camera on me, so come and find out if it’s true.
The town has plenty of restaurants and local shops to fulfill your every need. Even have some churches to go and repent your sins after riding through the streets (the night before) butt naked barebacked on a horse with some local beauty (I have a good imagination.) Which came first… the chicken or the egg?
Now this is a big cowboy town and they take good care of their horses. So there are plenty of horses to admire.
Like all towns they have your down and out dogs. I came across this one in the town dump and bought it some eggs. I would rather of put it out of his misery. But I guess he will survive or die on the streets.

Now you must go to the Parque Arqueologico and take a look at the stone statues.
Have fun and smile.