Balneario Aguas Termales (Gracias, Honduras)

Balneario Aguas Termales

Hot sulfur springs
(Gracias, Honduras)

Entrance fee: 30 Lempira

Take a taxi for 50 Lempira or take a long walk (around 1 1/2 hr ). It’s about 6 1/2 km away. I’ve never walked it, but saw some people sweating the walk on my way out in a taxi. Didn’t tell them they had another 45 minutes to go.This is definitely worth the money if your want to relax and unwind. They have a restaurant and changing room. No towels available when I went.


Find these clay rocks and rub them on your body. (Neat)

Big pool was just cleaned and filling back up. It five feet deep. (Wow)


Well what are you waiting for. Jump in and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!