Casa Meza (Managua, Nicaragua) Adventure hotel.


Location: Barrio Martha Quezada (Near the Ticabus Terminal)

Price: $5.00 – $6.00 USD


Well, after trudging through all the cheap hotels in Barrio Martha Quezada I came to the conclusion that they all suck. The art (I’m an artist now) of the cheap hotel search is picking something that you like about one of them. Casa Meza seemed to feel the coolest (temperature) of them all and I felt like I would not get robbed.


The rooms are pretty clean. Even though I got concerned about bed bugs in the middle of the night and got up and rolled out my REI Travel Sheet. As I’m typing this now “I feel like little critters are crawling on me.” I also lit a mosquito coil since my windows don’t have screens.


Lets talk about the bed now. Well, there seems to be steel bar going down the middle of the mattress and if I stay on either side of the bar it is tolerable.

“The thought of lice is creeping through my mind now!”

What’s also really cool about the room is the amateur artwork on the wall. Mostly it relates to sex, but I did see a Nietzsche quote “God is dead.” Also, a “Jesus help me” scribble, which I can relate to at the moment.


The bathroom is not really all that bad as long as you remove the toilet paper when you shower. Soggy toilet paper is not very reliable. The sink does have one problem in that you have to turn it on using the water supply cut off valve, since there is a small leak in the supply line.


Make sure you bring earplugs since the music seems to go on into the night, but it is tolerable.

Now I’m not sure if he runs a late night car wash when he comes home, but a few cars came into the courtyard outside my window and I could hear the sound of water and scrubbing. Plus the headlights are a little annoying. At one point I saw what seemed a very concerning flash of bright light (like something caught on fire.) But the of the source of the flash seemed to be doused out pretty quickly.

A rather elderly gentleman also has been living here for 11 months from the USA. From what I can gather is he used to be an attorney and maybe had some trouble with insanity. But he is a rather friendly fellow and took me on a walk to the local mall and I bought him a coca-cola while I ate some lunch. He is an avid reader and will let you have one of his books. He likes to talk and seems to take pride in mopping the floor here.


You can do your laundry here if you need to.

Make sure you are off the streets at night here and during the day leave all valuables in your hotel. This is a pretty crime ridden area. I was talking to some taxi driver and one of them was trying to remove my watch, but I think he was just joking?

There are some food stands around the corner and some small shops.

In my opinion Managua is a hellhole, but if you need to catch a flight you might have to stay in the city. If feeling adventurous and wanting to save some money stay here. Other than that, run like hell.


  • Good security (Grandma will lock you out)
  • Water works
  • Wash Laundry
  • Near mall
  • Clean
  • Friendly family atmosphere
  • Good-looking cleaning lady
  • Walking distance to Ticabus
  • Ants can be fun to watch on wall (big ones)
  • Cheap, but not cheap enough


  • Beds are hell
  • Sheets itchy
  • Sink leaks
  • Crime ridden area
  • Mosquitoes
  • Big ants