Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua on 10 dollars per day.

It’s possible to live on the Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua for $10.00 USD per day.



  • Hotel in Altagracia for $90.00 USD per month with shared bath.
  • Breakfast of 2 eggs, beans and rice, tostada and coffee for $2.00 USD
  • Dinner of chicken/fish/pork, rice, salad, plantains and soda for $3.00 USD
  • That gives you $2.00 USD for bottled water and some fruit.

Now the better bet is to find a place to stay with a shared kitchen and then you can really make your food budget stretch. Often I will just have some fruit and sweet bread for breakfast, which usually costs around $1.50 USD.

Some travelers carry a plug in water boiler and cook hardboiled eggs, pasta and make coffee. You can even carry an alcohol stove and cook some simple meals.

Probably a $15.00 USD budget is more practical if you plan on exploring the Island using the local bus system.

Nicaragua is still a budget traveler’s country to explore for adventure.