Catarina, Nicaragua

Was I ever in for a surprise when I arrived on a day trip in Catarina, Nicaragua from Masaya. The town is really quaint and lots of pretty flower stands. I was regretting not staying in Catarina for a few nights.

After walking through the town I came to El Mirador (lookout point) and discovered the beauty of Laguna de Apoyo. Laguna de Apoyo is a collapsed crater that formed a lake. What is strange is that the water is salty. You can take horseback rides down to the lake or walk. There are even hotels to stay in around the shore of Laguna de Apoyo. At the time I was sick and just stared out at the beauty, but I think it would be worth the effort to explore the lake and stay in a hotel on Laguna de Apoyo (I don’t believe you would regret it.)


The church besides Parque Central.


Cross made of flowers.