Volcano Maderas (Isla De Ometepe) Nicaragua


Location: About 35 minutes by bus from Altagracia. On the Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua.

The inactive Volcano Maderas might look small, but packs a pretty good punch. I arrived late (11:00am) in the morning to begin my climb and was physically exhausted by the time I arrived on the summit.


You really don’t need to climb to the top to enjoy the howler monkeys or the great view of Volcano Concepcion. About after a 30 minutes climb from the base you get to the best view and another 20 minutes later up the trail you run into the howler monkeys. I actually found the summit rather disappointing, since you cannot see much, because of the thick brush on the top.


But I will admit that I never hiked to the Lagoon on top and people told me that the lagoon is really beautiful. But a girl told me you couldn’t swim in the lagoon, because it is mucky.