Mozote, El Salvador the scene of the country’s most atrocious wartime massacre.


If you were staying in Perquin or nearby then I would say this is a town to visit to learn some of the history of El Salvador’s civil war. The town is very easy to reach by a combination of bus, pickup and walking. In Perquin you can go on a guided tour for $5.00 USD dollars and they handle all the logistics of getting you there. My friend and I were walking the last couple miles and someone stopped in a truck and gave us a free ride part of the distance.

The Story of what happened.



Once arriving at the town of Mozote a young lady gave us a short tour and explained the history of the massacre of the town. You can leave a donation after the tour, since the people of the town keep the memorial alive with their own money. I gave a dollar for the upkeep and a dollar to the young lady.

This is the wall of everyone murdered in the town.


This is the gate to the memorial garden beside the church. The remains of the 250 kids murdered are in the rose garden.



The rose garden that the kids remains were buried.


The ages of some of the children murdered.


The church wall.


The only person to survive the massacre. She fled to Honduras naked. She died about 3 years ago (I believe) and is buried in Mozote. She did return eventually to her town and live.


The church that was rebuilt.