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Cultural appropriation is an annoyingly brainless concept.

Cultural appropriation: is the inappropriate or unacknowledged adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity (definition from Wikipedia.)

Surely cultural appropriation was invented by a low IQ loser. Most likely someone that visited Mexico and came home wearing a sombrero. Felt bad for overpaying for hookers and 400 hundred dollar a night hotels in Cancun. Cancun is Mexico’s version of Disneyland.

Take the photo above of the girl with the Indian feather head display. Should she be cancelled? She obviously has pride in wearing Indian garb.

When ordering at Taco Bell and observing the local meth head attempting to make a taco. I don’t think of cultural appropriation.

Now when I stop at a Pilot gas station and visit the restrooms and notice the toilet paper on the floor, I do think of cultural appropriation (keep that behavior in Mexico.) What’s up truckers? Can’t take a shit and hit the hole?

If some white dude wants to wear his hair in dreads. Cool. I think of Jamaica and good times. Not disrespecting Bob Marley or Jamaica.

Now a football stadium of fools dressed like Indians and chanting with tomahawks? Well that got cancelled. But it did show what white people thought of Indians? Indians are viewed as strong people by the North American culture. Sure Indians have been exterminated by genocide in the USA. The tomahawk and casinos are all that is left of the Indian culture in the USA. At least the average non-Indians idea of Indian culture. The big joke on stadium sports is that the tax payer paid for the stadium and the billionaire owner is selling tickets to the tax payer. Double tax.

What I don’t understand is “white politicians” that are anti-white. Oh… I understand you want the vote, but do you really think BLM respects you? Your fence and security will never be good enough when they storm your mansion (which was funded by taxpayer blood.) In the end all political tyrants fall. You will pay for betraying your race.

Adios Amigos

100 dollar bike adventure. Schwinn old school.

Well I was looking for a used road bike and I had a budget of around 500.00 dollars. Though I did not want to part with that money (cheap charlie!) One day I was dreaming in a bike shop. Checking out the latest in Carbon Fiber ultra lite road bikes. Nice.

Up on the second hand top shelf sat a red thing with a price tag of 100.00 dollars, so I took it for a ride around the parking lot. Felt like a Ferrari compared to my other clunker. Paid and gently put my new baby in the back of my truck bed.

Got home and took it for a spin. My butt ached and I discovered the brakes needed replaced. So I bought a new saddle and updated the brake lines and pads for a total of around 70.00 dollars. Not bad.

This bike is a Schwinn Chicago Super Le Tour (around 34 years old). The frames paint is pretty much kaput, but everything else is pretty good shape. Seems like this was a project bike abandoned. New tires, rims, rear cassette and chain. Bike store mechanic said the previous owner put about 250.00 dollars in it.

Reading up on this frame I discovered it’s bomb proof. Steel and solid. Hand crafted. Suntour components still shift smooth as silk. Took some getting used to though. Old style shifting levers mounted on the frame. Not indexed. Funny how the body adapts quickly.

Can I hang with the big boys and girls on the new carbon fiber bikes? Nope!

All I can tell you about the 2000 dollar bikes is they are fast. So fast they disappear ahead of me. The good news is we usually end up in the same place.

Now I treat my Schwinn like a 2000 dollar bike. Wash it and wax over the scars from 34 years of use. Dry it off after coming off a rainy day ride. Make sure the tire pressure is correct. Lube the chain. You know.

I’ve been having a blast on this Schwinn Chicago bike. Even stopped and rescued a turtle on one ride. No helmet for me. It seems the only time I’ve ever wrecked on a bike is when I had those fancy pedals that you clip in your shoes. This bike has the normal steel pedals that you wear tennis shoes with. I like that!

The point of this article is about joining the fun on the cheap. Yeah, it’s nice having the latest and greatest equipment, but you can still join the fun on the cheap.

Who knows I might even buy an obnoxious horn for giggles.