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Breasts and Swords in Costa Rica.

If I were to be killed by someone, then perhaps this young female warrior would be an honorable death for me. San Jose, Costa Rica is a very sexually energized city “you can feel the pulse of the city” walking around. The women dress very scantily and the cruel sex trade is behind closed doors.

This statue is in San Jose, Costa Rica.
It was rather sad for me one night standing outside my hotel in the seedy area of Mercado Central watching (from a distance) a beautiful young female prostitute piss her life away. She could not hold still from the drugs and was smoking a crack pipe while her pimp was trying to get her to flag down vehicles.

You could tell she was of the Mayan descent with her long jet-black hair and facial features. I had the urge to attack her pimp, but I’m no fool. Just watching her I was thinking, “how cruel this world can be” and “why.” She was just one of many who worked her/his trade during the night.

The next night I was returning a Coca Cola bottle for my deposit and passed her on a corner up close and she was all jerky offering me her services. She was beautiful and young as I stole a glance while hurrying back to my hotel. “Where is your family,” I thought? Run….


Lavanderia Lavamex (San Jose)

Lavanderia Lavamex
8th Street. Between Central and 1st . Ave
San Jose, Costa Rica.
(Next door to Gran Hotel Imperial)

Hey, you need some clothes washed? Well stop by Lavanderia Lavamex and the husband wife team can take care of your problem. Karl and Patricia Werther have been in the business for 14 years. They also know a lot about Costa Rica and can give you some travel tips. Plus you can exchange books for free at their business. They charge by the load and the price was 3000 colones for my load. Excellent service done in two hours.


Don’t forget to bring a book to exchange.



Parque Nacional Cahuita (Cahuita) Costa Rica

Cost:Donation (25 cents is fine)I can’t say enough good about Cahuita Nacional Parque. You’ve got good beaches and plenty of hiking room. You’ve got monkeys, sloths, lizards and other wild life to observe. The entrance fee is what ever you want to give. The village of Chauita is quaint.

I think when you have a picture of what Costa Rica is like in your brain. This is the picture you have. This is Costa Rica! But sadly it’s slowly disappearing to development.

The village offers accommodations for everyones budget. Food is your biggest expense.


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Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)

Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Admission: 7 Us Dollars (Ouch!)

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a great place to see how beautiful the Pacific coast is. The beaches are less crowded and plenty of Iguanas and monkeys roaming around. I don’t think you can take a bad picture there. There are two nice beaches and some coves to swim in. They have toilets and showers for your use. You can even hire a tour guide and have them show you around.






Jade Museum (San Jose) Costa Rica

Price: 3 US dollars

The Jade Museum surprised me in what it wasn’t. It’s more than just jade. But don’t worry there is plenty of Jade to admire. A great history lesson in how the pre-Columbian people lived. The pottery is beautiful and the craftsman ship of the jade is gorgeous. You can take photos in the museum, you just can’t use flash.


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Playa del Coco (Costa Rica)

I’m not too crazy about Playa del Coco. It’s more of a loud party town if that’s your thing. Its only an hour bus ride away from Liberia.

The beach area is not to bad. Walk for about 10 minutes west on the beach and it gets pretty nice. Watch out for thieves. I would not bring anything to the beach. The locals are even scared to bring anything.

I witnessed a kid snatch a bag on the beach and then on my bus ride to San Jose a guy had his bag stolen with his laptop and passport. It can make a vacation unpleasant.

Diving: Not any reefs around. Mostly rock formations I was told by local dive shop.

Playa del Coco has some nice restaurants and a good cigar/coffee shop. Three internet cafes.


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