Somedays I believe in God, Buddha and somedays nothing.

I hope there is something after death. Maybe death is that something.

Nikon D7100 Lens Model: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED
Nikon D70 Lens Model: AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
Ozone Community cemetery
Falls Creek Falls
Dead pine tree
Big Buck that I shot with my camera 🙂

Enlightenment and a dead possum.

Suddenly while riding my bicycle I had an enlightened moment. I had finally figured out what life was about. So i thought.

Life is such a brief stay here on planet earth, that I felt my stay here was just a test, before transitioning to the next phase. Leaving this planet through the door of death. Then the next phase of our soul begins.

The dead possum appeared at that moment lying on the road in front of me. Buddha was trying to explain life to me. Not that I really believe in Buddha or some deity. Some days I do and others days I don’t.

These pictures below having nothing to do with that moment.

Interesting how the material for bird nests has changed through my lifetime.  A mix of plastic and natural material.

This ant is enjoying the day in the sun under a giant palm tree.

This humming bird lives nearby.

When I ride my bicycle I spray the mean dogs with bear spray.

The summer is almost over.

The block editor for WordPress is a pain.

Paradise is in your head.

Today the birds are singing and the sun is shining somewhere. Perhaps you are happy or perhaps you are sad. Someone is being born and someone is dying. 

The flow of life continues.

If we turn off our desires, suddenly we have everything.

My favorite recent photo of a flower.

For some reason is of this yellow flower. Well I guess the reason was of the shadow it cast on the leaf below. This one day I walked through this field and all the flowers were in full bloom. Later that month I returned and the field was empty.

Like life…we are here and then gone. Hopefully I’m a perennial.

Nikon d60 and Nikon 18-55mm lens.

I tried to save you my friend

Unfortunately you passed away before my eyes. Riding my bicycle one day I came across you in the road. I thought you were just stunned and placed you in the bushes out of harms way. The next day I came to check on you and there you sat beside the road. We made eye contact and you let out a sweet “cheep”. Placing you in my bike bag I road as fast as I could to get you home.

Placing you in a clean box with a soft towel, water and food. You seemed content and drank. The night came and the lightning cracked and I was sure you left this earth. The next morning early I peeked under the blanket and there you stood breathing. My heart rejoiced.

You fought, but the odds were against you. I watched you fight to survive and then suddenly you were gone. I’m sorry. The world is a tough place for a little bird.

The little Nuthatch just died in this photo. He/she still looks alive.

Your buried in my backyard beside a little pine tree.

Rest in peace!

My secret travel paradise.

If you’ve found a travelers paradise. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it a secret. Even when you have the urge to monetize it into Google sellout money. Enjoy your little secret spot on this planet, because paradise is slowly disappearing around us.


I’ll never tell!

Life is easy, but not for you. Why?

Great video here on the madness of normal everyday life that we’ve been led to believe. Time to open my eyes again. Wake up!

“Jon’s unconventional choices are a result of his philosophy on the best way to live. “It isn’t necessarily natural building that I’m interested in,” he said. “It’s self-reliance, and shelter is one of our four basic needs. If we cannot rely on ourselves, we have no freedom. I like to be free.”

Are you scared of being labeled a “Fool.”

Someone said to me, “they will think you are a fool.” The person was scared of what people might be thinking of me. Trying to protect me. That made me happy that people might consider me a fool. Are you fearful of being labeled a fool?

We all have our own rhythm to find in life. Our pace. Our particular walk or path to forge.

Could it be a great sign when they hiss at you and label you a fool… You have arrived. You are free from the shackles. Learning to think for yourself.

I don’t think I ever learned how to think in school. More of how to survive between the bells. I tried to avoid the bullies and peer pressure.

“Facing your fears unlocks doors,” I wrote that to my friend today. Our dreams hide behind locked doors in our mind. We have to take chances in life.

How do people become great public speakers or famous singers. They overcome the fear of walking onto a stage. They open their mouth and speak or sing what’s in their mind.

Few of us will become rich and famous. That’s not really the goal. The goal is to be free in thought. To express ourselves.

Education is free now. All the resources are available online to train ourselves. Want to become a programmer (hacker.) No excuses. You can train online at MIT for free. OpenCourseWare is free mind empowerment.

Imagine a god does exist. God has a box of chocolates. Planet earth is the only chocolate left in the box. Why? I would think a planet earth chocolate would be rather bitter. A bitter chocolate of fools.

Today I suggest you go and buy a unicycle. Learn to peel an orange while riding that unicycle. Someone will pitch you a coin for your efforts. The world loves a good fool.

They think I’m a fool…Good.