Yellow trail leads to hell. All photos taken with Nikon D200.

The yellow trail meanders through the woods and eventually splits to a blue overnight trail or a red trail. The red trail completes the loop back to the beginning. The problem with the red trail is it leads to the edge of the interstate and crosses an old railroad bridge that has been paved over. At the old railroad bridge you also have an interstate bridge that goes over a small creek. This area is ridden with trash and graffiti. The outcasts of society pass through this area.

Looking around just to do some forensic archaeology gave me a picture of the outcasts. Drug addicts. The homeless pass through this area and sleep under the bridge. Drink their booze and discard their waste. I tread quietly watching my back and after taking some photos, continue my way back into the woods.

All photos taken with the Nikon D200! Today I set my white balance at 5000k and using AF-S Nikkor 35mm DX 1:1.8G lens.


Nikon FE light seal check.

Bought a Nikon FE about 4 months ago for 59.00 dollars. Had to replace the light seals 3 times and sometimes the mirror gets stuck. Plus the cost of film development is between 15 and 17 dollars at the local marts. Mostly these pictures are me doing a quick shoot just to get developed and see if the light seals still leaked. Not the best shots. Possibly I’ll shoot film once in a while. Digital is just convenient and the results look great.

This is the Nikon FE and the picture was taken with a Nikon D70. Perhaps the Nikon FE makes a better model 🙂

Picture of bridge still had a slight light leak on the right.

Nikon D200 test of people Kayaking.

This was my first day out with the Nikon D200 using the Nikor DX AF-S 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G ED VR lens. Well I feel the images are to dark. White balance settings could be better. I was shooting at 1/1000 on a dark day. I did not edit these images except for cropping. Now I’m currently shooting at color temp 5000k on a different lens. So will try that on the 55-200mm lens in the future. My battery drained fast on this shoot. It was cold, plus I took about 60 shots in a couple minutes on half a battery. Made a major blunder at home when I formatted the memory card. Lost half my photos.



Nikon D200 photo test on Chicago Schwinn.

Purchased a used Nikon D200 in excellent condition for 109.00 dollars. Shot with a Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. I sold my Nikon D300 which has the CMOS sensor.. The Nikon D200 has the CCD sensor. The body is magnesium alloy like the Nikon D300. The battery life is poor compared to the Nikon D300. The Nikon D300 seems to be better in low light conditions, neither are great.

The Tennessee Wall. Big rock and big hearts.

Hard sandstone. So hard you better pray your bolt holds when your bloody fingers give way as you make a quick decent. Made a day trip and walked up the big hill. Pulled out my trusty Nikon D70 and made some shots. The Tennessee Wall is located in Prentice Cooper State Forest. Long and winding road.

First thing you see is a hard stretcher and neck brace. Safety first!

Rock Dog.

Lots of gear.

Been there done that dog.

Reflections was the theme of the day out with the Nikon D70.

Mostly these pictures are of reflections off the water. Plus some birds and random photos. I was using the AF-S Nikkor 55-200 mm lens with VR. When I was shooting the geese, I set the AF-area mode on closest subject. I was having a hard time focusing in on the geese and birds. I batch cropped the photos in Gimp so the quality is reduced on purpose. Movie at bottom of page show the photos with better resolution.

Now I will admit on this photo I enhanced the color in Gimp to bring out the blue sky more.

Love the dark burgundy color of this leaf.

I think this is a duck house. But I’ve never seen any animal use it


The D70 did pretty good on focusing on the tip of the thorn.

Grass with nice reflection off water.



A small overhang that supports this giant pine tree.

The geese know me pretty well and continue to sleep.

Chickadee dive bombing for the black oil sunflower seeds.  Nikon D300 does better job of moving birds. But I like the grainy look of this photo. Reminds me of film.

More chickadees in motion.

Water with an unusual color. Like a silver shimmer on the surface. Nikon D70 sensor magic.

Water effect again, but more pronounced. Silver effect.

Movie with all the photos. Rendered in mp4 format. I use kdenlive to make my movies. I like the webm format, but mp4 works with the Ipad.

Nikon D70 6MP shootout. Old school is New school. Paid 49.00 dollars.

So I bought a Nikon d70 digital camera online for 49.00 dollars. No tax and free shipping. FedEx. Slap me.

Plus it only had around 4100 shutter clicks. Poor thing.

Give me photos that are not perfect. Give me wrinkles. A good brie on sour dough toast that I made myself. A straight jacket that has padded elbows. A good artisan soap that gets soggy in the soap dish. You know?

This was a long shot across a lake.

My god I think there is dirt on the sensor. I noticed it on a sky shot. But not bad for a camera that was introduced in 2004. Plus I can clean the sensor. Imagine that. Sensor cleaning kit would probably cost more than the camera?

I’m starting to believe trees have faces.

The days were rainy and slightly chilly. I drank some decaf coffee to pause my brain. I had a day pass from the asylum. And really decaf coffee should be outlawed. It’s a sin. Like drinking parrot shit. I’ve made it 4 days without real coffee. Then this one day with decaf. Sad. Sad day trying to keep the truck in my lane to the park. Sleeping in the parking lot at 7am in morning. I woke up and ate a banana. The ranger looked concerned.

You can buy a Nikon Z7 mirrorless kit for around 4000.00 dollars. Joke of the year if you have not heard. I think this Nikon d70 might outperform it even wearing a straight jacket. Pushing the shutter button with my tongue. Nikon Z7 fanboys and girls looking for the comment section now. Bastard.

Our fate like this tree. You shall fall. Gods going to cut you down. Johnny Cash.

Now this sensor is the expensive CCD which was supposedly costly to manufacture. Like building the space shuttle over budget type expensive.

Any flaws the camera has is obviously my skills. No excuse the camera is perfect. Nikon Z7 credit card debtors sweating it out. Surely no.

Old Nikon FE that is waiting on a light seal kit. Maybe one day it will shoot again?

Took this shot of deer from my truck. Cropped heavily.

WordPress determined to make this a link? Time to look for new CMS.

Falls creek falls.


Lot of rain in Tennessee.


Fighting wordpress on inserting pics.

What if the perfect camera was engineered. Pictures so flawless that you attempted to poke you finger into the photo to see if it was real. What fun would that be?

What’s cool about the Nikon d70 is the sound. It’s addictive. Shutter speed is just right. You can think between shots. Not like pulling a trigger on a 50 caliber and your looking for the target through the smoke. The small led display is 1.8 inches. You don’t need the display, because the exposure is dead on target. This is a 6 megapixel camera. The Nikon D70 is about the same size as the Nikon D300, but 8oz lighter. Nikon D70 is a carry all day without bitching. Both the D70 and D300 have a robust build even though the D70 is plastic. It feels like magnesium plastic. Battery life is lovely jubbly.

I bought mine here





Casio Ex-V8 3rd world ghetto camera. Paid 4 dollars on ebay.

Sometimes I just want a camera that the thieves can steal without me giving a damn. The kind that I can walk in the ghetto and the hustlers have a better camera than me.

It has a sliding cover that reveals the lens and flash. Also, the sliding cover turns the camera on and off. Camera is made of metal!

So I bought a Casio Ex-V8 on ebay for 4 dollars. The shipping was around 8 dollars. So I guess it’s really a 12 dollar camera.

Here is a video of some shots taken with it. I’m into half ass videos lately.


The camera is about 10 years old. Has a 8MP ccd sensor. The pictures come out pretty good. Video works the best close to the subject.

Is it worth 4 dollars? If it gets stolen I do believe it’s worth every penny.

My favorite recent photo of a flower.

For some reason is of this yellow flower. Well I guess the reason was of the shadow it cast on the leaf below. This one day I walked through this field and all the flowers were in full bloom. Later that month I returned and the field was empty.

Like life…we are here and then gone. Hopefully I’m a perennial.

Nikon d60 and Nikon 18-55mm lens.