Francisco “Pancho” Villa

If you do any traveling in Mexico you will start to learn about Pancho Villa. To put it bluntly “Pancho Villa” was one tough man. You didn’t mess with Pancho Villa unless you wanted to die. He was the first Mexican Revolutionary General.

Pancho Villa Statue in Chihuahua, Mexico.

pancho villa statue

This is a picture of the Generals hacienda in Chihuahua, Mexico.


This house is now called the “Historical Museum of the Mexican Revolution” in Chihuahua.


The Dodge that the General was Ambushed in and murdered is displayed in the museum.



Four steps for a great vacation in Jamaica.

  1. Get out of Montego Bay (Montego Bay is not very pleasant)
  2. Negril
  3. Roaring River
  4. Treasure Beach

I’ve been to Jamaica twice and loved it. I’ve flown into Montego Bay both times from the USA. My first word of advice would be to get out of Montego Bay as quick as you can. Montego Bay is the worst of Jamaica in my opinion. Maybe spend one night in Montego Bay and then head to Negril.

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Museo Leon Trotsky (Mexico City)


Price: 40 Pesos

Location: You will need to take the subway.

Another museum not to miss and if you go to the Museo Frida Kahlo, you can walk here in 5 minutes. This is a fascinating place to discover and see what hell Leon Trotsky and his family went through. Imagine assassins are hunting you your whole life and eventually succeed.


His room after they fortified it after the first assassination attempt. Heavy bars and steel windows. He would end up killed in the next room.

Learn more about Leon Trotsky click here.


Museo Dolores Olmedo Patino (Mexico City)


Price: Free Tuesday and 40 Pesos other days  (Tues-Sunday 10am to 6pm)

You will need to take a subway and train to get here.




The biggest collection of Diego Rivera paintings and some Frida Kahlo’s. Best to visit the Blue House if you are interested in Frida Kahlo’s work.


Mexico City (Mexico)


Mexico City is a nice place to explore. There are about 20 police officers to each block, so you don’t have to worry about much. Lots of great places to eat ( I like the cheap taco stands with cow and intestine tacos).

Plenty of Museums to see and the subway is supper easy and cheap to use.

Churches everywhere 😉


Weird art too
Diego Rivera Murals

Museo de la Medicina Maya (San Cristobal)


San Cristobal, Mexico

Admission: 20 Pesos (2 US dollars)

Location: Av Salomon Gonzalez Blanco ( A nice half hour walk if you are in the mood).

The museum is pretty fascinating and shows you how the Mayans live traditionally. There is even a film on how the child birth is done with mid-wives. There is a herb garden and a natural pharmacy where they dry their own herbs. Stop by and give them some support, its a pretty interesting learning experience.




San Cristobal (Mexico)


San Cristobal is a rather neat town to visit, even though it is rather chilly. The town kinda reminds me of Antiqua, Guatemala without the volcanos. Its clean and offers plenty of restaurants and some museums that you can walk to.

Lots of churches to look at.


The streets are clean.


Climb the stairs and see the church on top of the hill.



Palenque Ruins (Palenque) Mexico


Admission price: 45 Pesos (4.50 US dollars)

The ruins are excellent and I like the fact that they have these giant plaques with information about each temple that you can read about. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was just walking around in the gorgeous setting. The creek running through the park is just calling for you to strip naked and jump in (just don’t get caught with your pants down 😉 . Don’t miss going to the museum, its a first class exhibit. Enjoy.


This is just a beautiful area to admire.
The museum is first class and included with your admission price. Just save your ticket stub.

Compared to Tikal, Guatemala? Guatemala Baby !!!!!!