Bum set free in wild dies of starvation.

Walking his normal route after work he always walked by a street bum alcoholic. Worthless bums he would think to himself. The bum was filthy. No shoes. Just covered in black tar street dirt. On the left side of the entrance to a bakery you could always find him lying on the filthy sidewalk. Usually at night about closing time.


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The prophet has spoken.

He walked up to the podium and spoke, “There is no other side.”
Beads of sweat stood on his forehead and beneath his hair. The congregation of about 300 people just sat there staring at him. He slowly turned the pages of the Toyota, Corolla repair manual to the section about spark plugs. “Obviously without a spark this church cannot move forward,” he spoke into the microphone with the loose connection.


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Remember the bumble bee.

The fall of society. Yep, he was witnessing it first hand sitting in the park. A beautiful lady dressed in … Read more

Viscas, Peru.


Three hours up a four donkey wide dirt road from Mala, Peru you will find the one hotel town of Viscas, Peru. Viscas is a producer of fruits (mainly apple). The long twisting road from Mala offers some nerve racking cliff hanger views from your bus or van.

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