Food market “Plaza 24 De Mayo” (Otavalo)

Location: About 2 blocks west from Parque Central.

Price: $1.00 to $1.50 USD for a plate of good home cooking.

The food market “Plaza 24 De Mayo” in Otavalo, Ecuador had to be the best place to eat in the whole city in my opinion. You will find roasted hog, roasted chicken, fresh juices, fresh vegetables and etc. Each meal is roughly $1.00 USD and the portions are satisfying ample.
Plus this is a great place to do some shopping and not pay the exorbitant tourist prices.
You can get breakfast and lunch here. The food vendors usually start closing down at around 2:00 pm, but there are usually some stragglers willing to feed you.

I ate here daily and have yet once to get sick.