Las Penitas, Nicaragua.

If you happen to be staying in Leon, Nicaragua and need to go to the beach then Las Penitas is about a 40-minute bus ride from Leon. They say it is dangerous swimming here and you should swim with a partner. I just walked around the town and had a look around. Didn’t really see much that caught my fancy.

There is a nature preserve that you can explore.


Walking around town I notices a lot of abandoned houses.


Casco Viejo (Panama City)

If you are in Panama City, don’t miss going to Casco Viejo. Lots of neat things to see there. The Panama Canal museum is there and lots of Colonial architecture. It’s like taking a time machine back to the past. Not all of Casco Viejo is safe to walk around in, but there are plenty of tourist police to make sure you don’t stray into the dangerous parts of town. Just use common sense and leave your fancy stuff at the hotel.

Road Trip in Tennessee (USA)

Well, I bought a new camera (Panasonic LX3) and that seemed like a good reason to go on a local road trip in Tennessee. Amazing that I think I have to buy a plane ticket to an exotic location when there is adventure in my own backyard undiscovered. This day adventure took place near Crossville, Tennessee. The weather was overcast and damp with light showers off and on.

So I head south with a half tank of gas and juiced up on 8 o’clock coffee. Hauling ass (42 mph) down the road in my 97 Ford Ranger looking for some pictures to snap. About 30 minutes on the right side I pass an old school house. I jump on the brakes hoping my front brake calipers hold out.

The Bellview schoolhouse was built in 1928 and sits all by itself on a little hill. Seems that it is being used as a community center now.


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Europa (Lima, Peru) “Central Lima”


Location: Jr. Ancash 376, Lima, Peru. (Plaza San Francisco)

Price: 18 Sole for single, 28 Sole for double


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Dyslexia books (Antigua, Guatemala.)


1a Ave. Sur, #11 Antigua, Guatemala

If you need a book or want to find out about the political climate in Guatemala – stop by here. They publish the La Cuadra magazine (free) in Antigua, Guatemala. You can also find them online at this address They are a paranoid bunch and will give you fake names and attempt to hide their identity. They also run some Ilegal_Mezcal across the border.

Atlantis (An Ecological Community)

 atlantis home

I’ve always wanted to visit Jenny James at her home in Colombia, South America, but never had the balls to. Anyways I’ve read her newsletters over the years and have the general idea of her adventurous life and the tragedy of the murder (July 2000) of her grandson Tristan and her son-in-law Javier, both 18 years old in Colombia.

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