Travelers paradise does not exist.

You can travel until you drop dead searching for the “so called” travelers paradise and never find it. Paradise exists in your head. Until you find peace within, your search will continue in disappointment.

travelers paradise

Empty out a closet and sit in it without the lights on. Don’t come out until you can stand yourself. Once you have achieved this, you have found travelers paradise.

Internet café security while traveling.


I watch all the travelers in the Internet cafes just logging into their Facebook, email and banks accounts without a care in the world. Now unless you are not worried about someone gaining access to your account then read no further.

But if you are like me, constantly looking over your shoulder or scanning above for cameras. Then you should get this nice lightweight free open source program called “PortableApps” and install in on an USB flash drive or your MP3 player.

You can do all this with PortableApps:

  • Carry your web browser with all your favorite bookmarks
  • Carry your calendar with all your appointments
  • Carry your email client with all your contacts and settings
  • Carry your instant messenger and your buddy list
  • Carry your whole office suite along with your documents and presentations
  • Carry your antivirus program and other computer utilities
  • Carry all your important passwords and account information securely

Whenever I go into a Internet café I immediately plug my USB drive into the house computer and fire up PortableApps. I have my favorite browser “Firefox” with all my bookmarks. Also, I use FileZilla to ftp my work to my server. I have Abiword installed that also reads or saves in the Microsoft Word format.


Now I travel with a Apple computer and PortableApps will not run on that platform. So I just put all my work on the USB drive that has PortableApps installed. When I get to the Internet café I just fire PortableApps up and open my work with my favorite programs.

Running on Windows XP.


PortableApps is real easy to install and learn how to use. Consider giving it a try for your own protection.

First scrap raft to cross the North Atlantic Ocean.



Would you cross the North Atlantic ocean in a scrap raft built in lower Manhattan, NYC from the logs of the Hudson river and junk from the streets and dumpsters of the city?

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Typical meal in Guatemala for less than 2 US dollars.

This chicken meal will cost you about 15 Q in Guatemala. That is about 2 US dollars and includes the drink. The basket in the left rear has some tortillas in it. It’s a pretty filling meal and these family run restaurants are pretty clean. They even brought me a bowl of soup to eat with my meal that was included.


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The true cost of living in Lima, Peru.


Lots of foreigners speculate what it would cost to live in Lima, Peru. It is true you can live very cheap in Peru, South America. But living in Lima can increase your expenses by a good percentage.

Here is a rough break down of renting an apartment for 1 month. This is just a small 2 bed apartment with a simple electric hot water shower. Simple apartments do not have hot water. You need to buy an electric heater and have it installed. Most cheap apartments do not have cabinets, so that is another expense.

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Antioquia, Peru is 3 hours outside of Lima by bus.


Head to the hills of Antioquia, Peru to escape the rat race of Lima. Someone came into the town and painted it white. Pretty pictures on houses and Bronco Billy running wild through the streets. Watch out for Bronco Billy if you decide to take a dip in the meandering creek running below the town. When you let down your guard for one second a Golden Retriever (Bronco Billy) will jump in the water and try to give you lots of kisses as you fight to hold your head above water.

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Five Great Meditations.

Said the divine Gautama, the Buddha, “He who gives himself up to vanity, and does not give himself up to meditation, forgetting the real aim of life and grasping at pleasure, will in time envy him who has exerted himself in meditation,” and he instructed his disciples in the following “Five Great Meditations.”

  1. The first meditation is the meditation of love, in which you so adjust your heart that you long for the weal and welfare of all beings, including the happiness of your enemies.
  2. The second meditation is the meditation of pity, in which you think of all beings in distress, vividly representing in your imagination their sorrows and anxieties so as to arouse a deep compassion for them in your soul.
  3. The third meditation is the meditation of joy, in which you think of the prosperity of others, and rejoice with their rejoicings.
  4. The fourth meditation is the meditation of impurity, in which you consider the evil consequences of corruption, the effects of sin and diseases. How trivial often the pleasure of the moment, and how fatal its consequences.
  5. The fifth meditation is the meditation on serenity, in which you rise above love and hate, tyranny and oppression, wealth and want, and regard your own fate with impartial calmness and perfect tranquility.

Balneario Aguas Termales (Gracias, Honduras)

Balneario Aguas Termales

Hot sulfur springs
(Gracias, Honduras)
Entrance fee: 30 Lempira

Take a taxi for 50 Lempira or take a long walk (around 1 1/2 hr ). It’s about 6 1/2 km away. I’ve never walked it, but saw some people sweating the walk on my way out in a taxi. Didn’t tell them they had another 45 minutes to go.This is definitely worth the money if your want to relax and unwind. They have a restaurant and changing room. No towels available when I went.


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Mathews Reezen 6.5 Compound Bow


  • Mathews Reezen 6.5 Compound Bow
  • Viper Sights
  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

So my Uncle is in town and he’s bragging about some bow (Mathews Reezen 6.5) he bought in Virginia. Even has the gull to tell me he did the “Robin Hood x 2” (that’s when you split an arrow with another arrow.) So I’m watching his nose while he is telling me this story to see if it is starting to grow.


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Solar Pools (San Pedro, Guatemala)


Sometimes you need to soak those weary bones in a nice hot bath. In San Pedro, Guatemala you need to head over to Solar Pools. They are real friendly and you can get a group of people together and split the bill. The tubs use hot water from a hot water heater and are not really solar powered.

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Traveling in Ecuador, South America on 15 dollars per day.


It is very easy to live on 15 dollars per day in Ecuador. Now when you are moving around the transportation expenses will increase your daily expenditures. But when you are stationary you can easily find a place to stay for 6 dollars per night and that is usually in a private room. You might find yourself sharing the bathroom, but if you would like a private bath in your room then you would have to pay about 8 dollars per night.

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Just hanging around in Iquitos, Peru

sloth iquitos peru

Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest…

Picoy, Peru.

picoy peru1


I was on the mountain hot springs tour in Churin,Peru and the van stopped here. Took some pictures and bought some cheese. Took a big breath of fresh air and vowed to return.


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Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)

Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Admission: 7 Us Dollars (Ouch!)

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a great place to see how beautiful the Pacific coast is. The beaches are less crowded and plenty of Iguanas and monkeys roaming around. I don’t think you can take a bad picture there. There are two nice beaches and some coves to swim in. They have toilets and showers for your use. You can even hire a tour guide and have them show you around.


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Margarita & Ed (El Panchan) Mexico

Price: 180 Peso (17 US dollars) single

Location: Go to El Panchan and follow the signs.
Margarita and Ed is the place to stay in El Panchan. Lovely cabanas/rooms and immaculately cared for. The staff is super friendly and the place is super secure. They offer free drinking water for the guests. All rooms have real hot water and very comfortable beds. You can’t go wrong staying here.

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Nicaragua women



Like the country itself, Nicaragua women are powerful and beautiful. Women are the backbone that keeps this country running. Like a lioness with her cub, my friend Silvia with her daughter Maria on the beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Joe Bageant, 1946-2011



American writer and traveler Joe Bageant has passed away after a four month struggle with cancer.


Antigua, Guatemala

If you take the chicken bus from Guatemala City airport to Antigua. It will take you about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Public transportation is very cheap and is the way to travel if you are on a budget. Upon arriving in Antiqua this is what is looks like. The bus will stop and everyone must get off the bus.

Friend’s Home (Miraflores, Peru)


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Pimentel, Peru


Well if you happen to be staying in Chiclayo, Peru. Then you might want to take a taxi-van to the coastal town of Pimentel and eat some fresh seafood. Pimentel is only about 20 minutes away and costs less than a dollar to get there.

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