Hospedaje Eco (Lagunas)

Location: Near the food market. Lagunas, Peru.

Cost: 15 Sol for single

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Eating healthy on a budget in Guatemala, Central America.

If you go to the local markets in Guatemala you will often find the locals eating tostada and a homemade drink called “trigo con leche or arroz chocolate” for breakfast.


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Huaraz, Peru


It took a couple days, but eventually I started to enjoy Huaraz, Peru. Most of the city was destroyed in the 1970 earthquake and the city is not that attractive. But they have some nice parks to visit and relax in. Plus the Andean mountains surround the city.

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How overpopulation is effecting land prices in Peru, South America.

land_rush_peru_1Cheap land for sale in Peru, South America?

Would you buy a piece of land in the desert with no water, no electricity and no title? Plus the land contract states you must begin to build a cement block house within 30 days of purchase. The price of property in Lima, Peru has forced people to purchase what was once considered inhospitable land.

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Huancas, Peru


Location: About 20 minutes from Chachapoyas, Peru

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Japikamayoc Chaupin Turismo Mistico (Chavin, Peru)


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Barranco district in Lima, Peru.


Barranco is one of 43 districts in Lima, Peru and is located about 10 minutes south by bus from Miraflores.

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Jesus in Guatemala

This picture was taken in a Church in Antigua, Guatemala.




Twisted world of humans.

Merrell Phaser Rush hiking boots (Non Gore-Tex.)

Cost: 170.00 USD in Loja, Ecuador ( In the USA you can buy these for under 100 USD)

I looked up the price of these boots after I wrote the article. Plus I was not sure if they were waterproof. It is hard to find good boots that are size 11 in Ecuador, South America.

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Jade Museum (San Jose) Costa Rica

Price: 3 US dollars

The Jade Museum surprised me in what it wasn’t. It’s more than just jade. But don’t worry there is plenty of Jade to admire. A great history lesson in how the pre-Columbian people lived. The pottery is beautiful and the craftsman ship of the jade is gorgeous. You can take photos in the museum, you just can’t use flash.


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Hiking to “La Virgen” in Banos, Ecuador and beyond.


Scott of UnconventionalTravel.com takes you up the steep climb to view, “La Virgen” and then attempts to view the volcano, “Tungurahua.”

The statue, “La Virgen” honors the Holy Mother of the holy water and was built in 1987 by Father Acosta. There are 654 steps up the steep climb.



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Cruise the Peruvian Amazon river in luxury.

Life can be good on the top and if you are ever fortunate to indulge yourself with a 7 night cruise in complete luxury, then pack your bags. Check out Aqua Expeditions website and dream of traveling on the Peruvian Amazon river in a 5 star hotel on water.

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Old Church near Ica, Peru.

old church peru1

This church is near Ica, Peru in some dusty town that I never bothered to write the name down.

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José Carlos Mariátegui museum in Lima, Peru.

José Carlos Mariátegui La Chira (14 June 1894– 16 April 1930) was a Peruvian journalist, political philosopher, and activist. A prolific writer before his early death at age 35, he is considered one of the most influential Latin American socialists of the 20th century.

You can visit José Carlos Mariátegui’s former home and now museum in Lima, Peru. Visit this website for pictures of the museum.

Dirección del Museo: La Casa Museo José Carlos Mariátegui está ubicada en el jirón Washington 1946, en el Centro de Lima.



Pasto, Colombia

Pasto is more of a city that you stopover for the night on your way to the border of Ecuador and Colombia, South America. I spent the night at the Hotel Koala Inn. Seems you ought to be aware of your surroundings once it starts getting dark. The city of Pasto seems to be suffering from a graffiti problem, because once you walk around you will notice it on many buildings.
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Chocolalola (Antigua, Guatemala)


Near “Nim Pot” on 5a Avenida Norte (Almost Near the Arch)

enter chocolate lovers paradise :-)

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Posada Del Maple “Bed & Breakfast” (New town, Quito)

posada_del_maple_signPrice: About $9.00 USD for dorms and individual rooms start at $16.00 USD.

Location: New Quito, Ecuador (at the end of “Juan Rodriguez” street.)


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Museo Leon Trotsky (Mexico City)


Price: 40 Pesos

Location: You will need to take the subway.

Another museum not to miss and if you go to the Museo Frida Kahlo, you can walk here in 5 minutes. This is a fascinating place to discover and see what hell Leon Trotsky and his family went through. Imagine assassins are hunting you your whole life and eventually succeed.

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Little Corn Island (Nicaragua)

Little Corn Islands offers many things to do. You can dive or snorkel one of the best reefs in the world. Ride some horses on the beach. Eat some excellent food. Gaze and daydream on the white sand beach. Here are some pictures of the East side of the Island. Its pretty unspoiled. You can swim to the reef from the beach.


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