Hatha Yoga (San Marco’s, Lago de Atitlan)


The instructors name is “Paola” and she is very knowlegable in Hatha Yoga. If you are a beginner its no problem since she keeps a steady pace. She starts with the basics and throws in some advanced positons for the more advanced students. The price is 30 Q if you would like to contribute or as much as you can afford. The sessions last about 2 hrs.


Just follow the Trail.

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Utatlan Spanish School (Quetzaltenango)

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We are a small Spanish school based right in the center of beautiful Quetzaltenango, Guatemala’s second biggest city.  We are dedicated to offering our students excellence in Spanish language study, cultural activities and opportunities to learn about life in Guatemala, and our aim is that each and everyone of our students has a fantastic experience here in Quetzaltenango.

Miguel Angel Asturias (Quetzaltenango)

1miguelMiguel Angel Asturias
(Spanish School)
5/20078a. Calle 16-23 Zona 1.
Quetzaltenango, GuatemalaOne on one instruction.
Volunteer opportunities.
Medical Spanish option.Cost 150.oo us dollars per week
25 hrs of instruction ( can do less hours if you like)
Includes stay with local family with 3 meals per day.

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Quito, Ecuador


Old town in Quito, Ecuador is a really nice part of town to explore. They have some beautiful building to see and lots of nice places to eat. My first few nights I stayed in New town Quito and it is more of the party atmosphere with lots of bars.

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The perfectly greasy alpaca served in a plastic baggie on a bus in Peru, South America.


If you happen to get lucky on a bus between the towns of Arequipa and Puno, Peru and the bus stops to allow a Peruvian lady to board and sell her deliciously greasy alpaca. Then I have one word for you…buy! Santa Lucia, Peru is the town the lady is from to be exact my friend just informed me. My friend was telling me about the Peruvian lady and we hoped our bus would be the lucky one.

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La Piscina “swimming pool” (San Pedro “Lago de Atitlan”, Guatemala)


Up from the Santiago Dock

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