Panama Canal (MiraFlores Locks)

Cost: 8 US Dollars

I guess since you came all the way to Panama you better go and see the locks, eh? It’s big and it’s bad! Check out the locks and the museum at Miraflora Locks. It’s really convenient and gives you a good taste of part of the canal. Plus the building has the best air conditioner. Personally I think the Museum in Casco Viejo is better than here.


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Breasts and Swords in Costa Rica.

If I were to be killed by someone, then perhaps this young female warrior would be an honorable death for me. San Jose, Costa Rica is a very sexually energized city “you can feel the pulse of the city” walking around. The women dress very scantily and the cruel sex trade is behind closed doors.

This statue is in San Jose, Costa Rica.
It was rather sad for me one night standing outside my hotel in the seedy area of Mercado Central watching (from a distance) a beautiful young female prostitute piss her life away. She could not hold still from the drugs and was smoking a crack pipe while her pimp was trying to get her to flag down vehicles.

You could tell she was of the Mayan descent with her long jet-black hair and facial features. I had the urge to attack her pimp, but I’m no fool. Just watching her I was thinking, “how cruel this world can be” and “why.” She was just one of many who worked her/his trade during the night.

The next night I was returning a Coca Cola bottle for my deposit and passed her on a corner up close and she was all jerky offering me her services. She was beautiful and young as I stole a glance while hurrying back to my hotel. “Where is your family,” I thought? Run….

Cotacachi, Ecuador


If you like leather then you will love going to Cotacachi, Ecuador and doing some shopping for some fine leather goods. Besides shopping you still have the lovely town to walk around in and relax in the Parque Central. Cotacachi is about a 20 minutes bus ride (25 cents) from Otavalo.

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Dona Louisa Bakery (Antigua, Guatemala)


4 C Oriente 12 (Facing the church in Parque Central – Walk up the road on the left hand side of the church, about two blocks on your left.)

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Sir Noel Coward (Port Maria) Jamaica

Entrance fee was $10 US dollars back in the days.
Location: Port Maria, Jamaica
English playwright, songwriter and actor.

Esteli to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua (the hard way)


By bus,taxi and boats
Trip takes about 3 to 4 days
Trip cost:Bus, taxi, boats, hotels, and food.  Lets say 50 US dollars

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