Tamales for Sunday breakfast in Peru, South America.


Every culture has its traditions and eating tamales on Sunday in Peru, South America is a tradition I enjoy. Usually the tamales are made with either a piece of pork or chicken in them. I prefer the chicken tamales.

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Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua on 10 dollars per day.

It’s possible to live on the Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua for $10.00 USD per day.


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San Cristobal (Mexico)

San Cristobal is a rather neat town to visit, even though it is rather chilly. The town kinda reminds me of Antiqua, Guatemala without the volcanos. Its clean and offers plenty of restaurants and some museums that you can walk to.

Lots of churches to look at.


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Breasts and Swords in Costa Rica.

If I were to be killed by someone, then perhaps this young female warrior would be an honorable death for me. San Jose, Costa Rica is a very sexually energized city “you can feel the pulse of the city” walking around. The women dress very scantily and the cruel sex trade is behind closed doors.

This statue is in San Jose, Costa Rica.
It was rather sad for me one night standing outside my hotel in the seedy area of Mercado Central watching (from a distance) a beautiful young female prostitute piss her life away. She could not hold still from the drugs and was smoking a crack pipe while her pimp was trying to get her to flag down vehicles.

You could tell she was of the Mayan descent with her long jet-black hair and facial features. I had the urge to attack her pimp, but I’m no fool. Just watching her I was thinking, “how cruel this world can be” and “why.” She was just one of many who worked her/his trade during the night.

The next night I was returning a Coca Cola bottle for my deposit and passed her on a corner up close and she was all jerky offering me her services. She was beautiful and young as I stole a glance while hurrying back to my hotel. “Where is your family,” I thought? Run….

Cafe Sky in Antigua, Guatemala.

Cafe Sky offers a nice breakfast and coffee in Antigua Guatemala, Central America. Great view of the Volcano and of Antigua.

Playa Santo Domingo (Isla De Ometepe)


If you are staying in Altagracia, Nicaragua then this is a good option for swimming in the lake. The bus ride is 10 Cordoba to Santo Domingo from Altagracia and takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on what the bus is hauling. The roads are pretty bad heading to Santo Domingo and that slows the trip down. They are putting in a new road and lots of construction.

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Museo de la Medicina Maya (San Cristobal)

San Cristobal, Mexico

Admission: 20 Pesos (2 US dollars)

Location: Av Salomon Gonzalez Blanco ( A nice half hour walk if you are in the mood).

The museum is pretty fascinating and shows you how the Mayans live traditionally. There is even a film on how the child birth is done with mid-wives. There is a herb garden and a natural pharmacy where they dry their own herbs. Stop by and give them some support, its a pretty interesting learning experience.


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Lukas David (solo violinist) and Anja David (pianist) in Miraflores, Peru.


Attending the “X Festival Internacional de Música de Cámara Lukas David” in Miraflores, Peru. I had the opportunity to see a master violinist in the very hushed setting of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

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We all need friends.

Walking around Masaya, Nicaragua I took a picture of this man that looked very sad and down on his luck. Then I came across a dog that looked like he could use a good bath and some love. Maybe they will cross paths someday and take pity on each other.



Hospedaje Eco (Lagunas)

Location: Near the food market. Lagunas, Peru.

Cost: 15 Sol for single

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Esteli to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua (the hard way)


By bus,taxi and boats
Trip takes about 3 to 4 days
Trip cost:Bus, taxi, boats, hotels, and food.  Lets say 50 US dollars

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Trout fish hatchery in Huaraz, Peru.


Location: Av. Confraternidad Internacional Este s/n (costado de la pisicultura.) Huaraz, Peru.

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White Dough Ingredients

Just a reminder for me on the road.

1/3 ounce Yeast or 1/4-oz. Envelope (1- 1 1/2 teaspoons)

18 ounces White bread flour  (3 3/4 – 3 7/8 cups)

1/3 ounce of fine grain salt (2 teaspoons)

12 1/2 ounces Water  (1 – 1 1/2 cups)

Consuming chia seeds are very good for a harder erection.

Lets just get down to the nitty gritty shall we! As we get older, old woody can get a little softer than us men would prefer. So we can take a medical pill to artificially make woody harder or you can take a natural approach.

One method I have discovered is drinking about 2 teaspoons of chia seeds in a glass of water each morning. My consumption varies each week and I drink when I feel I need it. No set schedule. The best method is letting the chia seeds sit overnight in the glass of water and drinking in the morning.

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Ozone Falls in Ozone, Tennessee (USA)


Now you must expect the unexpected in Ozone. My friend Beastie lives in Ozone and we decided to go hiking around the small town. If you are driving through be sure not to sneeze, because you might miss it. Heading east on route 70 the first thing that you come to in Ozone is the falls parking area on your right hand side. A quick walk leads you to the upper part of the falls. Beastie was telling me an old mill used to be located here. If you want to take the 15 minute hike to the bottom of the falls its probably smart to put on some good boots. The climb is rather steep and slippery. Many people swim in the small pool below the falls in the summer time. Beastie says watch out for water moccasins!


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Volcano Maderas (Isla De Ometepe) Nicaragua


Location: About 35 minutes by bus from Altagracia. On the Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua.

The inactive Volcano Maderas might look small, but packs a pretty good punch. I arrived late (11:00am) in the morning to begin my climb and was physically exhausted by the time I arrived on the summit.

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Parque Nacional Cahuita (Cahuita) Costa Rica

Cost:Donation (25 cents is fine)I can’t say enough good about Cahuita Nacional Parque. You’ve got good beaches and plenty of hiking room. You’ve got monkeys, sloths, lizards and other wild life to observe. The entrance fee is what ever you want to give. The village of Chauita is quaint.

I think when you have a picture of what Costa Rica is like in your brain. This is the picture you have. This is Costa Rica! But sadly it’s slowly disappearing to development.

The village offers accommodations for everyones budget. Food is your biggest expense.


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Residencial El Rocio (Otavalo)

Location: Calle Juan de Dios Morales and Calle Miguel Egas (About 4 blocks from the food market). Otavalo, Ecuador.

Price: $5.00 USD per night


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Lago San Pablo (Otavalo)

san_pablo_lakeStaying in the city of Otavalo, Ecuador I caught a bus and had a look around Lago San Pablo. I jumped off the bus at the Parque Central and quickly found myself walking the wrong way in search of the lake. If facing the church in Parque Central, then you would want to walk left. The lake is actually a couple kilometers from Parque Central.


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Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City is a nice place to explore. There are about 20 police officers to each block, so you don’t have to worry about much. Lots of great places to eat ( I like the cheap taco stands with cow and intestine tacos).

Plenty of Museums to see and the subway is supper easy and cheap to use.

Churches everywhere ;-)


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