Chavin, Peru


Chavin, Peru is located on the East side of the Cordillera Blanka mountain range opposite of Huaraz, Peru. This is a very quaint town to visit. Known mainly for the Religious Chavin Cult that used to call this area home.

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Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)

Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Admission: 7 Us Dollars (Ouch!)

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a great place to see how beautiful the Pacific coast is. The beaches are less crowded and plenty of Iguanas and monkeys roaming around. I don’t think you can take a bad picture there. There are two nice beaches and some coves to swim in. They have toilets and showers for your use. You can even hire a tour guide and have them show you around.


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Laguna Churup in Peru, South America


Location: about 30 minutes outside of Huaraz, Peru.

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Cumberland Mountain State Park (Tennessee)

They have a real nice restaurant with a great view of the lake. Catfish Fridays take you back to the days of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Come on over to Cumberland Mountain State Park and hangout with the geese.




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Volcano Indian Nose in Guatemala


Here in San Pedro “Lago de Atitlan” Guatemala you can make a short hike up Volcano Indian Nose. Many people start their hike at 3:00am to catch the sunrise. Travel agency Bigfoot can make those arrangements for you to make life easier.

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The husky that nobody loved.

perro_2One day walking up some stairs I looked out a square hole onto a roof and became friends with this husky. This husky lives on a 2nd story inner city roof. She is a friendly, lonely, thirsty and hungry soul. I pet and scratch her by leaning out the square hole. She stands up on her hind legs to receive my love.

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