Adobe village in Santa Catalina, Peru. Plus chickens in fashion.


The long winding road up to the village.

Though no hobbits live here, the village of Santa Catalina has that feeling. The feeling of maybe I’ll run into a hobbit. Quaint adobe homes with odd doors and unorthodox stairs. Chickens roaming free in the high Andes mountains of Peru.

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Medicinal hot springs Collpa, Peru.

Do you believe in the power of healing mineral water or maybe you just like sitting in a nice hot bath. Either way Peru offers many hot springs to try and they say Collpa’s water is the best for healing your sick body. Stories abound of people that have been cured of their ills.
Getting to Collpa is tough. First you go to the town of Huaral that is 3 hours North of Lima from Peru by bus. Huaral has gone to shit, because they put a prison in the town. So watch your back at night. Then you take a shared taxi (20 Nuevo Soles per person) or van to Collpa up a crazy dirt mountain road for 3 hours. Pick your driver wisely, because the trip is treacherous and some young macho drivers haul ass. Also you might want to pay extra and only have 3 people in the back seat of the taxi. They jam them full and uncomfortable for 3 hours.

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The truth about 3rd world dental savings.

If you pay what the locals are paying it is probably poor quality. The guarantee ends when you walk out the door.


Really you can save money on dental in the third world and there are good dentists. You just have to search real hard to find a good dentist.

The wealthy in the 3rd world most likely go to a good dentist. That is where you want to go. You can save close to ½ off your dental bill. Plus if you pay cash you will get a discount.

A simple cavity fixed for 30.00 dollars? Probably is poor quality. Yet getting the latest cerec 3D cad cam porcelain treatment for 228.00 dollars is where the better deal is. Plus the work comes with a real guarantee.

How to find a good dentist? Ask the expats! Browse online expat forums is a good way.

Don’t get all your work done in the first sitting. Have one cavity fixed and then wait for one week.

Change the system not the climate.

Currently the gold mining companies in Peru are in the business of genocide.


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Viscas, Peru.


Three hours up a four donkey wide dirt road from Mala, Peru you will find the one hotel town of Viscas, Peru. Viscas is a producer of fruits (mainly apple). The long twisting road from Mala offers some nerve racking cliff hanger views from your bus or van.

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Red Dodge truck in apple country Peru, South America.


People that are fortunate enough to have a truck/car in Peru really take care of them. This old dodge looks pretty solid. Lots of times they are held together with putty.

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