El Panchan (Palenque) Mexico

El Panchan is a excellent place to stay if you are heading to the Palenque Ruins. Many great places to stay and they have a couple restaurants. There is a Internet cafe and a place to have your laundry down. Also, a massage therapist and a few travel agencys. You can catch a shuttle van every ten minutes into town or to the ruins for 10 pesos each way.


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Casco Viejo (Panama City)

If you are in Panama City, don’t miss going to Casco Viejo. Lots of neat things to see there. The Panama Canal museum is there and lots of Colonial architecture. It’s like taking a time machine back to the past. Not all of Casco Viejo is safe to walk around in, but there are plenty of tourist police to make sure you don’t stray into the dangerous parts of town. Just use common sense and leave your fancy stuff at the hotel.

Peace Pilgrim

peace pilgrim

From 1953 to 1981 a lady walked 25,000 miles for peace. She vowed to remain a wanderer until mankind learned the way of peace. She walked until shelter and food was given. Never asking or begging.

You can download a copy of her book free on her website. The english pdf download is on the bottom of this page.

She passed away in 1981.


Parque Libertad (Santa Ana)


Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

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Balneario Aguas Termales (Gracias, Honduras)

Balneario Aguas Termales

Hot sulfur springs
(Gracias, Honduras)
Entrance fee: 30 Lempira

Take a taxi for 50 Lempira or take a long walk (around 1 1/2 hr ). It’s about 6 1/2 km away. I’ve never walked it, but saw some people sweating the walk on my way out in a taxi. Didn’t tell them they had another 45 minutes to go.This is definitely worth the money if your want to relax and unwind. They have a restaurant and changing room. No towels available when I went.


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Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)

Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Admission: 7 Us Dollars (Ouch!)

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a great place to see how beautiful the Pacific coast is. The beaches are less crowded and plenty of Iguanas and monkeys roaming around. I don’t think you can take a bad picture there. There are two nice beaches and some coves to swim in. They have toilets and showers for your use. You can even hire a tour guide and have them show you around.


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Camouflage is important for survival in the jungle.

frog leaf

Animals depend on their ability to blend into the surrounding jungle environment in Iquitos, Peru. Blending into the surrounding foliage allows animals the ability to hunt and hide themselves from predators.

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Lovers Cafe Restaurant (Blue Hole, Jamaica)

(Near Roaring River, Jamaica)


If staying overnight or just a day trip to the Roaring River area this is a great place to eat a vegetarian meal. Fruit juices and herb teas to drink. Go for a dip in the Blue Hole swimming hole.

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Lagunas, Peru.

Most people travel to Lagunas, Peru to explore the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. You can arrange with a tour guide in Yurimaguas, Peru for a guide to take you out into the jungle. Most people that I have talked to that have explored the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve would recommend a 12-day trip. The park gets a lot of heavy traffic on the four and five day trips. So you really need to head deeper into the park to get to the unspoiled areas.

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Some animals of Peru, South America.

I love animals and here are some that I encountered in Peru, South America. Often we get along, but sometimes dogs can’t resist to chase a gringo down the road.

This llama was in Kuelap.


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City Center (San Salvador)

Things to do in San Salvador (City Center)
So you made it to San Salvador and you are still alive and feeling confident.  If staying at the International Guest’s house Hotel then I got a easy plan. Lets go the heart of San Salvador and see some churches and crazy big markets. The cost for a local bus will be 25 cents each way.

It’s not easy being a horse in Nicaragua.


I see horses being used everywhere in Nicaragua and sometimes my heart goes out to them. Long days with not much water and dodging traffic on the busy streets. Cheap ropes and chains are the gear they wear.

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San Pedro (Lago de Atitlan)

San Pedro is the party spot around Lago de Atitlan. Climb volcano’s , kayak, horseback riding and etc….

The Main Dock


Dona Louisa Bakery (Antigua, Guatemala)


4 C Oriente 12 (Facing the church in Parque Central – Walk up the road on the left hand side of the church, about two blocks on your left.)

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Bocas Dental Center (Bocas del Toro)

(Bocas del Toro, Panama)
I can’t think of a better place to have some dental work done than in Bocas del Torro. I was staying across the Laguna at Bastimentos Islandand decided to have a dental check-up. Dr Wong found three cracked fillings and took care of them promptly. Dr Wong removed my old silver fillings and replaced them with mercury free 3m inlay(not sure what you call the stuff). The cost was 40 dollars for each filling.Bocas Dental Center has all the modern equipment to take care of your dental needs and save you a lot of money. The staff are totally professional and very friendly.

After the two hour procedure, I headed out for the beach on Basitmentos Island and worked on my sun tan. I would definitely go back again.


Natural reeds in San Juan, “Lago de Atitlan” Guatemala


Are crucial in the attempt to restore Lago de Atitlan’s water quality. From observing the water clarity near the shores of different villages along the lake. One can see the difference in maintaining a natural balance of nature.

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Traveling in Peru, South America in a luxury bus (Expreso Cial.)


You might cringe at the thought of sitting in a bus for 22 hours? Traveling long distance in Peru can be pretty comfortable if you open your wallet and pay a little extra. Imagine sitting in an oversized leather seat that reclines 160 degrees, served a hot dinner, light breakfast and watching movies on an overhead television. Traveling around 800 miles will cost you about $ 45.00 USD each way.

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Altagracia, Nicaragua (Isla De Ometepe)


If you are wanting to kickback in Nicaragua, then travel to the small town of Altagracia on the Island of Ometepe. This is a good town to have as a base camp to explore the Island. You can travel to a nice beach in Santo Domingo by a 35 minutes bus ride or explore the 2 volcanoes on the island from here.

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Derek’s (Little Corn Island) Nicaragua



  • 20 US dollars  (single)
  • 25 US dollars (double) not positive on the double price

Location: Northeast side of Island ( About a 20 min hike from main dock. Probably best to have a local show you the way).

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Manizales, Colombia


I spent the night here and hit the road the next day to Popayan, Colombia. First I checked out a couple hostels that seemed to be in a boring location. Then I caught cab to downtown and found it rather pleasant and the people friendly. I stayed in the hotel Avenida.

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