Hotel Lobster Pot (Bluefields, Nicaragua)

Price: 120 Cordoba for big bed.( I would say these rooms are worth maybe 50 Cordoba.

Location: About 5 blocks away from main dock. (Frank on the dock will show you how to get to it).

Hotel Lobster Pot is an experience. You might call it a whore house. Each room comes with a condom and fan. The bed was comfortable. The shower and toilet do not work. You have to use a bucket for each task. They have a monkey chained up out back (unconventional travel did feed the monkey and birds). He likes mango. The guy that runs it is friendly. The rooms have good locks.


Spaceport America is the future of space tourism.



Spaceport America is located in New Mexico, USA.



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Sweet Breeze Restaurant (Little Corn Island)

Want to eat some excellent island food on the beach with a nice breeze(it really is sweet). Head to the east side of the Island and stop at Sweet Breeze Restaurant/ Cabins. The lady is an excellent cook and uses fresh ingredients caught and grown on the Island.

I had the shrimp and rice stew. Fresh shrimp and coconut from the tree above you. This dish is worth fighting for. You will become one with the island while eating it.

They also have 30 Cordoba breakfasts.

Check it out!


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Barranco district in Lima, Peru.


Barranco is one of 43 districts in Lima, Peru and is located about 10 minutes south by bus from Miraflores.

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I was thinking about freedom and animals.

All of these animals have been captured either to be used as pets or food. The living ones are thinking about how to escape from their captivity.


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The true cost of living in Lima, Peru.


Lots of foreigners speculate what it would cost to live in Lima, Peru. It is true you can live very cheap in Peru, South America. But living in Lima can increase your expenses by a good percentage.

Here is a rough break down of renting an apartment for 1 month. This is just a small 2 bed apartment with a simple electric hot water shower. Simple apartments do not have hot water. You need to buy an electric heater and have it installed. Most cheap apartments do not have cabinets, so that is another expense.

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