Mathews Reezen 6.5 Compound Bow


  • Mathews Reezen 6.5 Compound Bow
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  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests

So my Uncle is in town and he’s bragging about some bow (Mathews Reezen 6.5) he bought in Virginia. Even has the gull to tell me he did the “Robin Hood x 2” (that’s when you split an arrow with another arrow.) So I’m watching his nose while he is telling me this story to see if it is starting to grow.


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Cruise the Peruvian Amazon river in luxury.

Life can be good on the top and if you are ever fortunate to indulge yourself with a 7 night cruise in complete luxury, then pack your bags. Check out Aqua Expeditions website and dream of traveling on the Peruvian Amazon river in a 5 star hotel on water.

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Banos Termales Fujimori (Picoy, Peru)

You can reach this hot springs from Churin, Peru by taking a van tour or drive yourself.

This used to be the private hot springs of the ex-president Alberto Fujimori. He would fly by helicopter to his retreat. Currently he is serving a prison sentence in Peru, South America.

banos fujimori1

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Casa Jaimes (Huaraz)


Price: 8 Sol (shared bath) 10 Sol (private bath) for single.

Location: Calle Alberto Cridilla # 267. Huaraz, Peru.

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Two brothers ride 17,000-miles to save Bristol Bay Watershed in Alaska.

pebble_pedalers1Walking through the town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador I came across two bicyclists (brothers) taking a rest in front of a small store. I asked them if they were going to be spending the night in Vilcabamba or heading down the road. They informed me that they were looking for a place to camp and I suggested that they take a look at the hostel that I was staying at, since the hostel offers a place to pitch a tent.

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Coyotepe, Nicaragua Political Prison Fort


Fascinating and frightening look at the way the Somoza regime treated his political enemies in Nicaragua. Take a cab to the bottom of the hill and slowly walk up to the entrance of this nightmare.


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