Zen thoughts on the 2016 presidential election.


Birds drink from the bird bath

Birds wash in the bird bath

Birds shit in the bird bath

Democrats take ass whooping and get schooled by the deplorables.

Nothing like a good ass whooping, especially when your on the side that delivers the whooping. The Hillary/ Obama democrats are in mourning and angry too. Some so defeated that they walk around with a permanent sulk and it’s not hard picking them out in the crowd. But we republicans just snicker on the inside and savor this victory.


I listen to the Democrats love for Hillary and just scratch my head. We deplorables want our gun rights secure, our borders secured and the illegals following the laws of this land. Rebuild the military so that we are the big dog again. Cops kicking ass again, instead of being ambushed and murdered.

We don’t want transgender bathrooms shoved down our throat. Illegal aliens getting checks for nothing. Countries mocking our military.

Democrats, you were defeated because of Obama. Hillary ran on the coat tails of Obama. She assumed that Obama could drag her into office, but Obama’s coat tails were frayed and ragged. Hillary had the media on her side and still could not pull off a victory. Obama was so out of touch with the real USA that the house of cards came tumbling down.

Oh yeah. Tough times are ahead of us. Time to bring the countries debt under control. Wars to end. People to deport. Its time the free loaders take a pay cut.

The fundamentals of this great country restored. The foundation repaired.

So put some ice on your wounds Democrats and get ready for the next fight. Maybe you better train a little, because you are looking a little flabby around the midsection.

When our supposedly highly educated become stupefied to reality. Crying on national television and bussed around the country to create fake protests paid for by George Soros. We know you still don’t get it. Don’t worry we will get this country back on track.

Lets not forget that George W Bush Jr made some stupid mistakes and then Obama bumbled his way through 8 years of an executive order revolution. That’s the problem Obama made with his revolution. It was never real. About to be erased by Trump in the first 100 days.

So welcome to the school of the deplorables and your first grade. A big fat F. Please take notes this time! See you in 4 years.



Red Blood!


My secret travel paradise.

If you’ve found a travelers paradise. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it a secret. Even when you have the urge to monetize it into Google sellout money. Enjoy your little secret spot on this planet, because paradise is slowly disappearing around us.


I’ll never tell!

Ceasefire please.