Merrell Phaser Rush hiking boots (Non Gore-Tex.)

Cost: 170.00 USD in Loja, Ecuador ( In the USA you can buy these for under 100 USD)

I looked up the price of these boots after I wrote the article. Plus I was not sure if they were waterproof. It is hard to find good boots that are size 11 in Ecuador, South America.

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Five Great Meditations.

Said the divine Gautama, the Buddha, “He who gives himself up to vanity, and does not give himself up to meditation, forgetting the real aim of life and grasping at pleasure, will in time envy him who has exerted himself in meditation,” and he instructed his disciples in the following “Five Great Meditations.”

  1. The first meditation is the meditation of love, in which you so adjust your heart that you long for the weal and welfare of all beings, including the happiness of your enemies.
  2. The second meditation is the meditation of pity, in which you think of all beings in distress, vividly representing in your imagination their sorrows and anxieties so as to arouse a deep compassion for them in your soul.
  3. The third meditation is the meditation of joy, in which you think of the prosperity of others, and rejoice with their rejoicings.
  4. The fourth meditation is the meditation of impurity, in which you consider the evil consequences of corruption, the effects of sin and diseases. How trivial often the pleasure of the moment, and how fatal its consequences.
  5. The fifth meditation is the meditation on serenity, in which you rise above love and hate, tyranny and oppression, wealth and want, and regard your own fate with impartial calmness and perfect tranquility.

Cotacachi, Ecuador


If you like leather then you will love going to Cotacachi, Ecuador and doing some shopping for some fine leather goods. Besides shopping you still have the lovely town to walk around in and relax in the Parque Central. Cotacachi is about a 20 minutes bus ride (25 cents) from Otavalo.

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Grassy Cove Cumberland Trail (Tennessee)


The Grassy Cove segment of the Cumberland Trail is located near Crossville, Tennessee. Great place for a day hike on the Cumberland Trail.

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Esteli to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua (the hard way)


By bus,taxi and boats
Trip takes about 3 to 4 days
Trip cost:Bus, taxi, boats, hotels, and food.  Lets say 50 US dollars

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Solar Pools (San Pedro, Guatemala)


Sometimes you need to soak those weary bones in a nice hot bath. In San Pedro, Guatemala you need to head over to Solar Pools. They are real friendly and you can get a group of people together and split the bill. The tubs use hot water from a hot water heater and are not really solar powered.

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