Remember the bumble bee.

The fall of society. Yep, he was witnessing it first hand sitting in the park. A beautiful lady dressed in fine cloth from head to toe bent down and picked up her dogs poop. She carried the bag of warm poop in her right hand in a transparent zip-lock bag. Her other hand held the leash of her bronze haired tea cup pup.


He scratched his unshaven face, leaned back on the park bench closing his eyes. Often he sat in the park and witnessed the fall of society first hand.

Lets face it, when you dress your dog in clothing and pick up it’s poop. You can go no lower. Well that’s what he thought.

There was a special garbage bin that had a picture of a dog painted on it. That was the dumping point for the dog poop. There was even a dispenser for plastic bags.

Really the bums pooping in the bushes was a bigger problem. At least from a smell point of view.

Sunday at the podium he just put on some rap beat music and tilted his hat to the side and rocked back and forth. The whole congregation swayed back and forth. The collection tray was stacked full of bananas. Luckily he could survive on bananas.

Rendezvous B

For four days he dreamed of a cup of coffee. “I’m not addicted,” he told himself. Sleep was all he could do. Possessed by some demon. His bones ached like a man of 100 years of age.


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Change the system not the climate.

Currently the gold mining companies in Peru are in the business of genocide.


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It was the last I saw of him. Then he just dissolved. Disappeared. Went underground. Lost contact. I’ve never seen him more happy.

His girlfriend just shrugged her shoulders and pointed in that direction. She said he found what he was looking for.

He could survive on only bananas. Placid. Occasionally he would buy a four pack of sausages and eat one. The rest would just sit in the refrigerator and go bad.

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Viscas, Peru.


Three hours up a four donkey wide dirt road from Mala, Peru you will find the one hotel town of Viscas, Peru. Viscas is a producer of fruits (mainly apple). The long twisting road from Mala offers some nerve racking cliff hanger views from your bus or van.

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Red Dodge truck in apple country Peru, South America.


People that are fortunate enough to have a truck/car in Peru really take care of them. This old dodge looks pretty solid. Lots of times they are held together with putty.

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