The black mamba and other dismal tales in the Marines

bookRoss was probably an alcoholic, since he was drunk all the time. But he had a home in the Marine Corps, because he was a survivor of the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. Actually Ross got out of the Marines and then reenlisted after a stint in the civilian world. Though he was a Lance Corporal on reenlistment, Ross had more ribbons and medals on his chest than a General. That used to piss off the new gay lieutenant of our platoon during inspections. Why do I say the new Lieutenant was gay? Because he told our platoon he hated women, so we assumed he was gay. Plus he acted gay. We didn’t ask and he didn’t tell. Most likely the new Lieutenant would of died of friendly fire if we went to battle. We had no problems with gay marines, but we had a problem with the way he treated our platoon. Treat us with disrespect and you get no respect.

Now Ross used to brag about how big his penis was. He compared his penis to a “Black Mamba” venomous snake. We had an open shower stall (where everyone showers in one big room) and yes, Ross was not lying about his Black Mamba. So usually out of boredom our platoon had lots of discussions (shooting the shit) about the adventures of the Black Mamba. Now Ross was not gay, he liked his women. So he goes telling our platoon, how once he passed out at a party and woke up to some guy sucking on his Black Mamba. The whole platoon was astonished and we all asked, “what did you do to the guy.” Ross proudly proclaimed that it felt so good, he let the guy continue. Of course we were expecting that Ross kicked the guys ass. The platoon burst out laughing. Ross was one of a kind.

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Jungle love.

Pitching camp at night in the jungle is the race to prevent blood loss as the mosquitoes emerge from the days stillness. Light the fire and pitch the hammock. Secure the mosquito net over the hammock.


Staring at the moons reflection on the lake, David was sure of nothing. Three weeks of reflection and masturbation, a man either finds clarification or fear. The fire spit sparks. David rolled a liberal mental twister out of his half kilo of fine South American weed. The warm fire felt good against the nights dampness. Inhaling deep and counting to thirty. Exhale. A fish jumped out of the water. Splash in the distance. David’s wooden canoe rubbed against the lake reeds. The small camp pot of water slowly started to bubble.

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Injured bird

Found injured bird today and brought home and gave her a bath. Dried her in the sun. Checked for mites and seems clean. Probably won’t make it, but will give her a chance. Aimlessly wandering today and found my mission. Transported her to my home on a bus and in an artisan cracker box that the lady cleaning the park gave to me.

injured_bird_1First I watched the bird in the park and could tell she was injured and weak. Then I just scooped her up and searched for a box.

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Black cat out of nine lives.

There once was a park. That shadows after dark, parked. With card board boxes, creeped about. No rats, but cats. Cats in the park. Lots of cats. Too many cats. Like rats, the shadows dropped their cats in the park. Forgotten and free, the cats in the park. It’s not my cat said the rat. black_cat

Once there was a man that collected the cats in rusted steel boxes. Too many cats in the shadows after dark. Ninety nine at least. Not enough rats for the cats. Forgive me black cat. Just a little sting. Close your eyes.

There once was a black cat in the park.

Eco friendly electrical train in Lima, Peru.

Lima, Peru has an electric train which is very convenient an affordable. The cost is 2 nuevo soles. Very clean with good security. Air-conditioned for your comfort. I will give Lima, Peru top marks for public transportation. The problem (I see) in Lima, Peru is the pollution spit out by the older (piece of shit) vehicles.


Animals thrive in the nuclear disaster zone of Chernobyl.

Interesting video documentary on how animals have repopulated Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster some 28 years ago. Some people (elderly) have also returned to their old homes that they had to abandon. One lady stated, “ I’m not scared of radiation. I’m scared of starvation.” Mostly the documentary is about the wolves that have returned and are thriving in the exclusion zone. Also, tours are available.

Natural travel deodorant


This is the safest and most effective natural travel deodorant that I know of. Take one lime and cut in half. Apply to your underarms. No need to worry about aluminum, alcohol and all those chemicals. Plus it is organically disposable. Good for you and the environment. You can buy limes anywhere and they pack well.

What is the taxi fare from Lima, Peru airport (Jorge Chávez International Airport) to Miraflores.

taxi_internationalLots of tourist overpay for a taxi arriving in Lima, Peru. The usual destination is Miraflores and the drive time is around 35 to 50 minutes depending on traffic. The taxi price/fare should be in the range of 35 to 50 Nuevo Soles.

Jorge Chávez International Airport is the official name of the Lima, Peru airport. Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez in Spanish.

Hostel with kitchen for gourmet obsessed travelers is essential.

food-peper-cayenne_red_chili_pepperTraveling can sometimes be a drag on the gourmet side of life. Often budget travelers can’t eat in the fine restaurants. So we do the next best thing and that is cook our own gourmet meals. Cooking gourmet/good food on the road requires some sort of kitchen. So finding a nice hostel with a shared kitchen is essential for the savvy traveler.

A good cook can create a fine meal with just some basic kitchen utensils. So how do we find a good hostel with a kitchen? We search the typical budget hostels for a decent kitchen until we find something that offers hope of creating a good meal.

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What is the true cost of visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, South America?

220px-Machu_Picchu_early_morningSomeone told me they met a person that paid 8000.00 USA dollars on the Internet for the entrance fee to Machu Pichu. When I opened my eyes a doctor was taking my pulse in the local hospital.

Currently a guided tour that includes the entrance fee into Machu Picchu is on the cheap at 120.00 USA dollars. A good hotel or hostel can be found easily for 25.00 USA dollars.

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Many expats turn to alcohol to kill the boredom.

pisco bottleYou have finally succeeded in becoming an alcoholic expat (congratulations.) Now what? Most likely you are bored to death and now need to either get a job, volunteer or a good hobby to occupy your time.

But I’m retired! How dare you suggest I return to the 9 to 5 life! Relax. Plus lets not rule out never having a drink again. Moderation works for some.

I see them everyday in the typical expat restaurant overseas. Red faced and hungover. Cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other hand. Wasting away slowly. Life is over. All thats left is chasing the hookers at night and getting drunk.

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