Fort Loudoun in Vonore, Tennessee

Interesting Fort to take a peek at in Tennessee. I was there during garrison weekend and volunteers recreate how life was at the fort.

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Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


The Malecon 2000 (Waterfront area that overlooks the Guayas River) in Guayaquil, Ecuador is definitely worth visiting. The area has been transformed into a very attractive place to stroll along the Guayas River, dine, sightsee and relax on a park bench.

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Lagunas, Peru.

Most people travel to Lagunas, Peru to explore the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. You can arrange with a tour guide in Yurimaguas, Peru for a guide to take you out into the jungle. Most people that I have talked to that have explored the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve would recommend a 12-day trip. The park gets a lot of heavy traffic on the four and five day trips. So you really need to head deeper into the park to get to the unspoiled areas.

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Francisco “Pancho” Villa

If you do any traveling in Mexico you will start to learn about Pancho Villa. To put it bluntly “Pancho Villa” was one tough man. You didn’t mess with Pancho Villa unless you wanted to die. He was the first Mexican Revolutionary General.

Pancho Villa Statue in Chihuahua, Mexico.

pancho villa statue

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La Piscina “swimming pool” (San Pedro “Lago de Atitlan”, Guatemala)


Up from the Santiago Dock

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Spaceport America is the future of space tourism.



Spaceport America is located in New Mexico, USA.



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Traveling with a parent with Alzheimer

My thinking is “Go for It!” My recommendation would be sticking in the developing world of Central America. Guatemala is an excellent choice. You might be wondering why I consider Guatemala a good choice? Because I have witnessed a son traveling with his father on the shores of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala.

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Los Blancos Beach (El Salvador)

Los Blancos beach seems deserted February 6, 2010. Not much to do, but swim and catch some rays. Maybe wait for the small fishing boats to come ashore after a long day of fishing. I was helping the fishermen push their boats ashore after each wave of the incoming tide. There are a couple small comedores to grab a cheap meal and so far I have had no trouble with an upset stomach.



Twisted world of humans.

Lobitos, Peru (Hardcore surfers only apply)


I was talking to this physicist on the bus from Ecuador into Peru and the physicist is telling me about this great beach in the small town of Lobitos, Peru. Tells me that he is going there to read and smoke dope. Supposedly this is a surf town and that is all you can do in Lobitos.

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Cafe Sky in Antigua, Guatemala.

Cafe Sky offers a nice breakfast and coffee in Antigua Guatemala, Central America. Great view of the Volcano and of Antigua.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador (The Valley of Longevity)

The “Valley Of Longevity” is what Vilcabamba, Ecuador is known as. Supposedly there is something in the water that leads to an increased life span. I’ve walked around the town and talked to one gentleman that told me he was 98 years old. It looked like he had many years of living before him, so maybe it is true.

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Traditional Christmas celebrated in Lima, Peru.


One thing you can bet on seeing in the homes of Peruvians during Christmas is Panettone and hot chocolate. Panettone is similar to a fruitcake, but only lighter.

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Floating jungle outhouse in Peru, South America.


Most of the people that live on the jungle rivers in Peru, South America don’t have indoor plumbing. So they build these floating outhouses. They do the dirty, bathe and wash their clothing on the floating outhouse. Kids use them as diving platforms. People fish from the floating outhouses. One dips his toothbrush in the river to clean ones teeth.

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Angela’s Place (vegetarian restaurant) in Mancora, Peru.



Tired of white rice and fried chicken? Yep!!! For some really excellent affordable vegetarian cuisine and a nice glass of wine. Kick back at Angela’s place in Mancora, Peru South America. Now normally I take a pic of the food, but I woofed the vegetarian pizza down and you will just have to settle for a cup of coffee.

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Mercado Central San Jose, Costa Rica

If you happen to be in San Jose, Costa Rica then I would recommend that you go and eat at the Mercado Central. They have delicious seafood served many different ways and some lovely ice cream dishes. If you are a culinary adventurous person then have a go of some cow tongue for breakfast and wash it down with some strong black coffee.

The area is safe during the day, but at night the place goes bad pretty quick. Hustlers, hookers, drug dealers and an assortment of bad characters. I usually stay in a hotel in this area to save money and when I go out at night I walk fast or run with empty pockets.

My friend from Switzerland told me that he stayed in a 6.00 USD hotel in this area and ran to and from McDonalds just because he was worried about the stuff in his room being stolen. If staying in this area I would recommend Nuevo Hotel Central that is super friendly, safe and secure. It will cost you about 18.00 USD per night, but you will not have to run to McDonalds.

Eco friendly electrical train in Lima, Peru.

Lima, Peru has an electric train which is very convenient an affordable. The cost is 2 nuevo soles. Very clean with good security. Air-conditioned for your comfort. I will give Lima, Peru top marks for public transportation. The problem (I see) in Lima, Peru is the pollution spit out by the older (piece of shit) vehicles.


“Shantaram” is a book you must read!


You ever pick up a book and can’t put it down? Well Shantaram is one of those books. The authors website is worth a look also. I read it a little over a year ago in Nicaragua and just got another copy to enjoy again.

Roofers in Antigua, Guatemala.


Walking around yesterday I noticed a house that needed a new roof. Looks like they have placed some corrugated steel roofing material on top of the existing roof and weighted it down with cement blocks or anything they could find.

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Riobamba, Ecuador

I traveled to Riobamba to ride the “devils nose train ride,” but unfortunately there is only a small section open (Riobamba to Palmira.) The last section of the train ride is supposed to be the most exiting with high speeds down a twisting steep mountain.

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